A Great Way to Mark my 30th Birthday

Stubby holders for my guests to say thank you

country Victoria. It was a wonderful day of fine wines, delicious foods, and great fun. I wanted to give my party guests something to say thank you for making the trek out of the city to celebrate me, but didn’t want to give them anything generic or boring.
I had been told by a colleague about custom printed stubby holders and though it was a fantastic idea! Every Aussie loves a good stubby holder, and they’re such an affordable and appreciated gift to hand out.
Ordering the stubby holders for my 30th birthday was simple; I merely chose my favourite colour, added some text to say thanks and mark the date and occasion, and that’s it! I had the option of adding in a photo as well which was great! My party was a huge success and everyone appreciated their little thank you present.

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History of the Stubby Holder part 1

With the love of our lives, the common stubby cooler, holder or Koozie, we are endevouring to find out more about where this humble item came from. This is part 1 of the adventure as we delve into the murky depths of an ice cold beer. 🙂

Known as the Beer Koozie in the USA, the stubby holder has origins from a company who trademarked the name Koozie in 1979 in Texas. Originally designed as a drink cooler out of styrofoam, over the year stubby holders or koozies have developed into using other materials. The most common material currently is Neoprene, commonly know as wet suit rubber. This rubber, is a synthetic material and as such is able to have ink impregnated into it using a process called heat sublimation. Using specially designed inks, to deal with the temperature change, the result is the ability to print full colour images onto what was original white wet suit rubber.

The idea behind the stubby cooler, is to keep the drink insulated. The first developer saw a niche for a product to be used in warmer climates and as such the koozie is now common in many western countries with warm climates. Because of the simplicity of the design, cylinder with a base, the stubby holder has become a bit of a cult item of most Australian Men. They are found in their favourite drinking locations, be it their local bar or shed out the back, but the real growth has come with companies realising the advertising potential of the space.

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