Shipping Information, ship all items with a deadline over 2 weeks via road. most destinations are within 1 weeks delivery time of us, but if you know your outside normal delivery areas, then its up to you to notify us of your location and approximate time it takes for parcels to reach you.
For orders needed within 2 weeks, reserve the right to charge a $10 Express handling fee to make sure the parcel arrives in time. This fee covers any extra cost of the freight and also our time to work overtime and get the order done.

While we (soupcan) get the vast majority of orders delivered with 2 weeks, in some circumstances we have to prioritise orders to make sure all deadlines are met. This may mean your stubby takes longer to arrive but we do work to all deadlines as filled out in our information request form. We also cannot be held responsible for late delivery by slow courier service due to high volume, or natural disaster.