Is Beer is good for you?

Beer contains almost all of the minerals we need to survive! It was a staple of many
diets during the European Middle Ages, when good nurtition was rare.

More frequently asked questions

Does it cost more to have the same design in 2 colours?

No, we are happy to do any size order in 2 variations as long as the base design is the same and the variation is a colour change.

Can I have half the order in Slim stubby holders and half normal?

Yes! You can have any breakdown of slim and normal stubby holders and we will only charge you for the total amount. ie. 50 slim and 50 normal will be charged at the 100 unit rate + postage.

How long does postage take?

We allow 2-3 weeks from payment to delivery. We cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to acts of God or lost items.

Do you have a minimum order?

Nope! We will do 1 or 1000 stubby holders, the rate does vary based on how many you order.

What is the $2.50 for?

S2.50 (+ GST) is the price per stubby holder if you order 2000 units or more. This is not the price for 1 or 2 or 50. The only reason its this cheap is we fit the order in between other orders as a filler.

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