History of the Stubby Holder part 1

With the love of our lives, the common stubby cooler, holder or Koozie, we are endevouring to find out more about where this humble item came from. This is part 1 of the adventure as we delve into the murky depths of an ice cold beer. 🙂 Known as the Beer Koozie in the USA, the stubby […]

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Wedding Cooler Colours

What colour to choose?
Looking for some inspiration for your wedding colours? Here are some fantastic green tones, inspired by the floral selection for the wedding.

Generally you don’t choose your bomboniere first so because of the full colour print process you can theme them to you wedding colours, but it is something to keep in mind for the big day. You might even have the bomboniere white with a dash of colour and then the names of each person to substitute as a place card.

If your looking for a place to start then over at there is a fantastic colour picking tool. Try and think about having a strong primary colour, then softer supporting colours as to avoid a colour clash.

For our own wedding we chose a lime green and then a pink to contrast and then link in to the oriental lilies that were part of the table centre pieces.

Remember that the stubbies might be for the men, but they can still be coloured to match the wedding and won’t look too girly.

Sudanese Stubby Holder

This is the racist stubby cooler (please note we were not the company that printed it) but shows that even some of those in the police force can be doing the wrong thing. It was targeted at the Sudanese community, where the image of a mudfish is a racial slur for the Sudanese.

We don’t print Racist Stubby Holders, that is part of our policy as no one should be subject to this. The Sunshine Police might be in a bit of trouble over this.

Cartoon Stubby Coolers

With all the winter sports clubs well into the season we have had some cracker cooler designs come through. Seeing all the cartoon characters and mascots made us notice how well a good full colour cartoon prints with the sublimation printing. Below is a sample of the State of Origin stubbies we did and also an Aussie soccer stubby. These are just a couple of the quality cartoons we have seen pass through our doors for sporting clubs Australia wide. So if your thinking of promoting your club and don’t have a logo drawn up. Soupcan have an illustrator who, for a cost, can do a cartoon icon for whatever your club mascot is.

Stubby Holders for your 21st Birthday

My mate recently had his 21st birthday and it was a really good night. All the boys wanted to get him a fun novelty gift that he could keep and look back on that reminded him of all the fun we’ve had together over the years, and decided something practical that he could keep would be best. Something we all use and often need is a quality stubby holder, especially as summer rolls around and we want to keep our beers cool, so we looked into getting custom printed stubby holders.

21st birthday are meant to be fun, but also a bit of a roast for the birthday boy. We knew we wanted our stubby holder to be funny, but also appropriate for his mum to look at. We sifted through all the embarrassing photos we could find and  made a collage with 5 of his best and had them custom printed onto a stubby holder.

It was so simple, all we had to do was pick a colour, submit the photos, and then choose some text to match and mark the date. It turned out looking amazing! We presented it to him during the speeches and it received a huge laugh from everyone, including the birthday boy and he still proudly uses his 21st birthday stubby holder at barbecues and camping trips.

50th Birthday Stubby holders

A Lasting Memory of a Great 50th Birthday

The personalised stubby holders our customers loved

Recently, we had the pleasure of crafting a special gift for a customer’s mum celebrating her 50th birthday. Instead of opting for a traditional slideshow or generic party favours, they came to us with a unique idea: personalised printed stubby holders. Good thing this is exactly what we do!

Our team carefully curated 50 years of memories from their mum’s life, selecting iconic moments from babyhood to the vibrant 80s. Each stubby holder became a canvas showcasing her journey, adorned with a collage of photographs, her birth date, and a heartfelt message. The result was a truly personalised keepsake that celebrated her life in a fun and meaningful way.

The guests at the party were delighted with these customised gifts, which served as both a memento of the celebration and a token of gratitude for their presence on this special occasion. Some stubby holders have photos of her early child hood, some later in life, but with the help of the family we were able to make sure everyone in attendance was featured with the birthday girl in at least 1 phot.  We were thrilled to hear that the recipient continues to use her stubby holder proudly at every barbecue, sharing her memories with friends and family who visit.

This is not the only customer that has shared their experience with us. With the volume of orders Soupcan print, we continually get kind, sweet e-mails, often weeks after the event, to say thank you for helping them celebrate their momentous event. From surprise birthdays, to lovely close family get togethers, we have done it all and continue to print stubby holders for birthdays.

Explore our range of personalised birthday stubby holders and create your own memorable keepsakes! If you cant find something you like then you are welcome to send us a photo and wording, you don’t need an idea. Our team of designers will help make the process simple and come up with a unique design to suit your event.

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18th Birthday Stubby holders

18th Birthday Stubby Holders

Buy quality stubby holders for your mates on your 18th

Your 18th birthday is a huge milestone in your life – it marks the official transition from adolescence into adulthood. Celebrate this special occasion with custom made stubby holders to give to your mates and family who have turned out to help you commemorate this special event.

The perfect thank you present to your party guests, as well as handy accessory for the night, personalised 18th stubby holders act as a last memento of your landmark birthday. Affordable and available to design online, you can choose from a variety of colours, styles, and themes, with the option of including your own photo! Make your 18th birthday stubby holder truly unique and buy your custom made stubby holders online from the experts at Soupcan.

At Soupcan we believe all ugly drinks deserve to feel sexy, we can customise your design to suit your party theme, from pirate to Hawaiian, country to Retro there is no limit on how sexy we can make your drinks fee.

Shop online now at Soupcan for your 18th birthday stubby holders and receive fast delivery across Australia in time for your party!

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A Great Way to Mark my 30th Birthday

Stubby holders for my guests to say thank you

country Victoria. It was a wonderful day of fine wines, delicious foods, and great fun. I wanted to give my party guests something to say thank you for making the trek out of the city to celebrate me, but didn’t want to give them anything generic or boring.
I had been told by a colleague about custom printed stubby holders and though it was a fantastic idea! Every Aussie loves a good stubby holder, and they’re such an affordable and appreciated gift to hand out.
Ordering the stubby holders for my 30th birthday was simple; I merely chose my favourite colour, added some text to say thanks and mark the date and occasion, and that’s it! I had the option of adding in a photo as well which was great! My party was a huge success and everyone appreciated their little thank you present.

Roller Derby Stubby Coolers

Like a good Roller Derby?

Here are a few of our latest stubby holders, these are for South Seas Roller Derby. Featuring names like the Dolly Rogers, and Blackheart Breakers, these are definitely some of the most collectable items for you cooler collection, and also a chance to see some seriously good roller derby action.

Best Quality Stubby Holders

I was thinking that some people think that price is the only deciding factor in the stubby holder or cooler. I have been thinking about this as for those of us in the industry who make them locally in Australia this is the main point of contention. What dawned on me is that because our quality is better, the stubbies have a longer life. So if your looking at getting 100 stubbies for your business, then think about this. From us they are $3.70 each and delivered in 2 weeks. From China they are 1/3 less and take 8 weeks to arrive. That’s not the decider though. If you took the fact we double stitch the seams, overlock top and bottom and use a superior glue in the base. Whats this all mean. We cant be sure of the exact percentage longer our would last but, after apply the dog test, we found we still have stubbies of ours in the backyard with a base in them from 1 year ago. Compare this to a heat taped seam…. the stubby would not be recognisable. So if your looking for the investment value, then our stubbies will last easily longer than twice that of any off shore stubby holder. We cant obviously prove this without funding from the CSIRO, but if your spending money on your business for promotional items, your best going with quality. This will give your logo a longer life in the house or office of the recipient.

RTR FM 92.1 the sound alternative

At soupcan we have always liked RTR, a community radio station over in Perth. Because we travel around we discover different sights and sounds. Needless to say we picked up a stubby and have since been sporting it in our ever growing museum. On our scale of awesomeness this does not register in the uniqueness, but the quality is there and hey, it reminds us what station to tune to when we are in Perth!

So help your ‘Ugly Drinks Feel Sexy’ and get one of these stubby coolers.

Overlocking on stubby coolers

To overlock or not to overlock? With the new rubber we have been using we have been swayed in the argument for overlocking. Previously we thought it a waste of time, but with the polish that is achieved on a finished stubby holder with overlocking, you would be swayed too into liking the new and improved Soupcan.
Needless to say its better to see one in the flesh, but i have a few examples here of our stubbies that are lookign very nice.
We are always happy to send you out a sample so if you are looking to see the style and feel the quality of Australian Made stubby coolers, then email us or give us a call.

Monkey coolers 2 colour order

Fun is the best way to celebrate a wedding, so our range of wedding stubbies are aimed at just that. Monkeys are exactly that, fun, and great at weddings, unless they have too much to drink and then they can get rowdy and take over the dance floor.

We also do split colours or designs for our customers, and at the same cost as the combined sum of the stubbies, so you want 40 pink and 40 blue, that’s easy, we will make 80 stubbies for the 80 price. This way we can satisfy all the monkeys at your wedding 🙂

Street Art on Stubby holders

With a short break in Melbourne and a chance to view some of the creative sides of the city, I could not help but see the massive amount of street art. This got me thinking that we are yet to have some talented artists, use our services to make stubby holders. We saw some of the cooler sections of the backstreets of Fitzroy, and thought this could be the perfect way for an emergent artist to get their name out there. So if you are a street artist, Soupcan would love to print some stubby holders of your art and we are willing to throw a few in for free to try and support your cause. So just send us an email and let us know that your interest, we can even sell them in our online store for you.

Grass Stubby Holder

Sports Stubbie
Like watching grass grow, we did this stubby holder as part of out personalised Boring Stubby Range. While it seamed like a good idea, we have found lots of sporting clubs take up the grass background and use it with their logo or emblem.
So while this might be better suited to camouflaging your drink from the family when out mowing the lawn, think of it as a pretty cool background, that’s not just black, for your sports club coolers.
Helping Ugly Drinks Feel Sexy since 2005

Black Caviar Stubby Holders

Black Caviar, is the toast of Australian Racing, and we thought we would show the Mare’s stubby holders. No we did not do them, but its an example of what you can do if you have a racing syndicate.
This is a nice example of colour and a photo on a stubby cooler. We have done plenty of racing stubbies, some horses more famous than others.

Helping Ugly Drinks Feel Sexy™

Les Burdett Stubby

A Stubby for Les Burdett
What better way to honour the man know as the best curator that cricket has seen, than to sit on the hill, under the score board and admire his lagacy, the Adelaide Oval, while drinking from a Les Burdett stubby holder.

So to help people remember the 40+ years of service to cricket we have produced a stubby holder.

Have a look, its a must for all collections. If we were to review this… although it is our own, it would have to be close to a 10, simple effective and worth a second look.

Stubby Holder Review – Darwin Stubby

Darwin Stubbie Review
Here is an example of how a colour design along with sublimation printing can look great on a stubby holder. This Darwin stubby holder shows how you can take the attractions and make them look cool. Not that Darwin needs any help, we think they have an estimates population of stubby holders in the millions 🙂

Soupcan® Rates this 7 out of 10 Cans. Cartoons are a great way of using the process and we think its best that you find a good quality one, done by an illustrator. This is the same when talking about logos on stubby holders. Don’t use a low res version, it’s not hard to find the best possible logo and send it to us. Its makes for a much better product in the end.

Movember Stubby Holders

To support the Movember Foundation and also raise money for Mens Health charities, Soupcan® Stubby Holders is donating $5 from every stubby holder sold to the Movember foundation.

Our director has got on board and is growing a bad Mo for a good cause as well.

So get a stubby for your donation and support the Movember foundation with a Movember Stubby Holder at our Online Cart.

Wedding Stubby Holders

This is a beautiful wedding we supplied the stubby holders for and this is an example of how 2 colours can make a very nice design, less is more. This very nice green and brown design used classic handwritten fonts and a simple elegant tree. Country weddings we do find have a nice feel to them. Often using a single image or theme throughout the wedding, like iron, or a specific tree, gives continuity to all the elements and almost a sense of branding.

QR Code Stubby Holders

What about using your stubby holders for a promotion. With the new QR codes its easy. Now if your not sure what a QR is, it stands for quick Response. These codes can be read by an iPhone or Android phone and will display the information in the QR code immediately. Now the real trick is how to use them.
Because you can load them with a specific URL, its easy to create a promotion where the entrant must go to this URL, forcing them to use the QR code as part of the entry process.

We have used them on stubby holders and other promotional items. Heineken have done so on their bottles, and Coopers I have seen use them as well for a promotion. Not only can they be hand for promotions but even just info. QR codes can have a phone number, SMS or just plain text loaded into them. This gives you all kinds of possibilities when using them.

So next time you want your promotional stubby holders for a sporting club or business function, then think about the added leverage a simple code on the back of your stubby, can add to your campaign.

For further promotional and branding ideas, see The Brandologist.

Stubby Holders in Sweden

Thanks to our friends in Sweden we bring you these photos from across the globe. As a test to see how well our products would be received in colder countries we sent some to be used at festivals by our Swedish collective. The result is these fun photos showing some of our personalised stubby holders, and also the vintage and retro styles we come to be known for.

Stubbies are known for keeping your drink cool in hot weather. This insulation properties are fantastic due to the neoprene rubber, which is the same as wet suit material. But like wet suits, which are made to keep us warm in cold water, our coolers have the function in colder climates. So it comes as a surprise to us that more countries in colder regions have not taken up the trend of using them. Our test to send to Sweden will soon work out if it’s just a gimmick for them, or something greater.

Promotional Items With a Twist

Promotional items are very popular and the main reason is the search people have to give brand awareness and longevity. Most people opt for the simple mouse mat or pens and only occasionally think about something different. There is a multitude of items out there and as technology helps create more ways of advertising there becomes even more items.

When choosing an item maybe think how you can combine items or introduce technologies. A pen that has a highlighted on the end or maybe a stubby holder that talks. These are just simple ways to help your logo associated promo item cut through and get some impact. While you might have a budget of only a few dollars per unit, there is plenty out there and most promotional companies are more than willing to help you find the right fit for your demographic.

Recently we did some pens for a client. Okay so this is might be seen as contrary to what we have been saying, but with a little ingenuity we managed to give it the edge we needed. Simply by ordering the pens without lids and then finding a lid that was for a different pen, we were able to create an item that drew the attention for the user. This was one simple way of making a small change for a large impact.

This strategy is pretty common in marketing. Newspaper ads with an interesting image to draw in the viewer. Magazine ads that have something stuck into them so the reader stops on the page. These are small changes that can make a world of difference. Remember, our only limited by your creativity.

Most Effective Promotional Items

What makes a good promotional item? Is it the quality of the product or maybe the usability after the initial novelty has warn off. I think it has to be a combination if the two as well as how the delivery it executed. By this we mean, if your homing away an item at a function, don’t just put it in a bag that people can look through later, having the item themed for the event and placed at each table. Remember the promotional item is about branding for a period of time. Another thing to do is get people to use them on the day. So if the example was a glass or stubby holder, then supply the clients drink in either of these. What this does is help the prospective client see the use for the item, and it also means that they have the logo and branding in their face from the very start of the function.

Not all items are meant for this purpose to be used at a function. Some promotional items are better suited for a meeting or awareness campaign. In this case then you need to have impact when its delivered. In this situation I would make sure that the item have been taken direct to the client yourself or by someone responsible. It is no good handing the item to a postal service and how the client sees the item amongst all their mail. Make a time to meet them and go had it to them. What you also want to do is make sure you don’t make a big fuss over it. Do not take it out and had the item to them and smile as if you have just shown your report card to your parent. The key is to start light conversation and then hand the item to them as a bit of a mid conversation break. This will help them not feel its a direct pitch, but also make sure they see the item and you can explain any theme associated with it.

So good luck, get thinking, it is all about the delivery.

Personalised Stubby Holders

Why not? Stubby Holders have come to a new age of uses. Because of the full colour print a stubby holder can be used for just about any occasion.

From wedding stubbies to promotional items, stubby holders are a fantastic medium for putting a photo on a cooler, or a logo and with sublimation printing in its prime the costs of producing a full colour printed promotional item can be quite cheap. Being in the promotional industry we have purchased many items for clients to sell their brand. As inflation pushes prices up, you can’t get a good quality printed items for less than $7-$10. This is where the stubby holder fits in. With heat transfere technology making a 1 off print as easy as 1000, we have found more and more people are using a personalised approach, and can do it on small numbers of units, and keep the cost down.

Did you know that you can have separate names on each stubby holder? This is a latest craze for sporting clubs, punters clubs and also weddings. Personalised Stubby holders are awesome. We recently had a bunch of tipping clubs want their own names and favourite teams on their stubby holders, BLAM, we did it. Soupcan® then had a client wanting 10 different photos from their collection… easy done!
So when it comes to promotional items, because of the simplicity and ease, we have a product that can be made personal and communicate a marketing idea or just a joke amongst friends.

Best Stubby Collection

One of the best collections of coolers we have seen
This has to be one of the best collections we have seen. The owner has assured me it has taken 15 years to complete… or at least get this far. 550 stubby holders and counting. So naturally we have sent them a couple of our own to help keep it growing. I then mentioned this to my wife who was horrified at the ides, so i think its time to build a new shed.

It is funny to think that for such a simple object people have gone to these lengths to make a collection of them and very impressive one at that. I used to have a stamp collection and then also a keyring collection but stubbies, great work. Now the owner just needs to throw a party for 550 people, so they can use them all at once.

Boring Stubby Holders

We find the irony a little bit fun with our boring stubby coolers. The idea is that there are so many coolers out there that are just plain boring. We wanted to create a new trend, boring, yet interesting designs.

Some of these are just so boring, we find our food is more interesting than them. Part of the idea is also to put image on the stubbies that are not so common. The process of heat sublimation onto the neoprene makes for and easy medium to put any image you like, from sushi to police tape. If you want to make your own, you simply take a photo of something boring. It could be a piece of paper… hold on we have done one of those a well. But you get the idea. Have fun and enjoy that which keeps our drinks cool and ugly beer labels hidden.

Welcome to Soupcan® Stubby Holders

This is what its all about to us, Helping Ugly Drinks Feel Sexy™

We love stubby holders, and we’re not afraid to admit it. The obsession came when the founder, designed stubby holders for his wedding as bomboniere gifts. From there, friends and relatives all asked for him to arrange some for their weddings and soon the business took on a life of its own.

At Soupcan® we love to see the best and worst of stubby holders, from the dodgy outback pub ones, to the more modern funny and well designed versions. This blog is dedicated to the people who share our love and want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in Stubby Land.