Most Effective Promotional Items

What makes a good promotional item? Is it the quality of the product or maybe the usability after the initial novelty has warn off. I think it has to be a combination if the two as well as how the delivery it executed. By this we mean, if your homing away an item at a function, don’t just put it in a bag that people can look through later, having the item themed for the event and placed at each table. Remember the promotional item is about branding for a period of time. Another thing to do is get people to use them on the day. So if the example was a glass or stubby holder, then supply the clients drink in either of these. What this does is help the prospective client see the use for the item, and it also means that they have the logo and branding in their face from the very start of the function.

Not all items are meant for this purpose to be used at a function. Some promotional items are better suited for a meeting or awareness campaign. In this case then you need to have impact when its delivered. In this situation I would make sure that the item have been taken direct to the client yourself or by someone responsible. It is no good handing the item to a postal service and how the client sees the item amongst all their mail. Make a time to meet them and go had it to them. What you also want to do is make sure you don’t make a big fuss over it. Do not take it out and had the item to them and smile as if you have just shown your report card to your parent. The key is to start light conversation and then hand the item to them as a bit of a mid conversation break. This will help them not feel its a direct pitch, but also make sure they see the item and you can explain any theme associated with it.

So good luck, get thinking, it is all about the delivery.

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History of the Stubby Holder part 1

With the love of our lives, the common stubby cooler, holder or Koozie, we are endevouring to find out more about where this humble item came from. This is part 1 of the adventure as we delve into the murky depths of an ice cold beer. 🙂

Known as the Beer Koozie in the USA, the stubby holder has origins from a company who trademarked the name Koozie in 1979 in Texas. Originally designed as a drink cooler out of styrofoam, over the year stubby holders or koozies have developed into using other materials. The most common material currently is Neoprene, commonly know as wet suit rubber. This rubber, is a synthetic material and as such is able to have ink impregnated into it using a process called heat sublimation. Using specially designed inks, to deal with the temperature change, the result is the ability to print full colour images onto what was original white wet suit rubber.

The idea behind the stubby cooler, is to keep the drink insulated. The first developer saw a niche for a product to be used in warmer climates and as such the koozie is now common in many western countries with warm climates. Because of the simplicity of the design, cylinder with a base, the stubby holder has become a bit of a cult item of most Australian Men. They are found in their favourite drinking locations, be it their local bar or shed out the back, but the real growth has come with companies realising the advertising potential of the space.

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